I recall that we were going through the bible and study about how we were supposed to pray without ceasing? Not just when you were in trouble and needed spiritual help, but at all times. I know this is hard for some of us, but let's call to God whenever we need a hand or if someone else needs a hand. Let us start every morning with a prayer, someone cuts in front of you in their car at afternoon lunch say a prayer,  in the evening, say a prayer because everyone is at home without incident. Saying a prayer will become easier over time.  

According to AllAboutPrayer.org, "Praying without ceasing doesn’t take the place of time alone in prayer with God. However, it is a joyful experience to unite with the LORD who lays burdens on our hearts. We can't always stop and kneel, but our heart attitude can still be "praying without ceasing."

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